My name is Sharifa and I am a visual artist from Houston, Texas. I love creating in various forms such as drawing, sewing, and crafting, but my favorite expression is abstract painting.

When I paint I feel at peace and experience a great deal of clarity. I don’t have to worry about drawing straight lines, correctly shading objects, or even knowing what to paint. I can just create! Abstract painting is such a freeing process that I recognize it as a unique way to worship God. Because He blessed me with this gift, every brush stroke of paint glorifies Him.

Although I am deeply connected to my paintings, I made the decision to start selling them 3 years ago. I could no longer keep my artwork to myself – I had to share with YOU! Thus, Sharifa Creates Art was born.

Art has the power to uplift spirits and drive away darkness (1 Samuel 16:23). I am committed to creating art that brings you joy. So whether you’re combing through data sets at work or preparing dinner for the family, a single glimpse at one of my original paintings will brighten your day.

Many of my paintings are created as an expression of my faith in Jesus Christ. Others are inspired by food, vibrant colors, and random musings. They are conveniently sized to fit any place from an office cubicle to bedside table. There’s a little bit of something for every art enthusiast on sharifacreatesart.com!