• Image of When Heaven Moves
  • Image of When Heaven Moves
  • Image of When Heaven Moves
  • Image of When Heaven Moves
  • Image of When Heaven Moves

"When Heaven Moves" 2019


Have you ever watched the sky at sunset? The sky turns various shades of purple, pink, orange and blue as fluffy clouds roll across it. It’s almost as if heaven is moving! Delight in the beauty of the heavens above with the “When Heaven Moves” magnetic abstract painting.


- Acrylic paint
- Glitter
- Wood
- 0.75” ceramic magnet
- High gloss varnish


- Handmade
- Signed, titled, and dated by artist on back

Dimensions: 2.5” diameter circle

FREE SHIPPING! We only ship within the United States.

Magnets are sold separately and not as a set.

Sharifa Creates Art that brings you joy! This miniature abstract painting is conveniently sized to decorate office cubicles, coffee and side tables, and gallery art walls. Our artwork will brighten your day.

The color of this piece of artwork may vary slightly depending on your computer or device screen. Additional photos provide a full view.

© Sharifa Callender, 2019. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this artwork are strictly prohibited. The artist reserves the right to reproduce this image for prints, publications and the like. You may use this artwork as décor for private and corporate use. This artwork may not be altered in anyway. It is not for resale privately or commercially.

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